Hi. Could you help me, please? 您能帮我个忙么?I'm lost. 我迷路了。 (也可以表示抽象迷路,听不懂别人讲的)
Go straight and then turn left! 直走然后左转。
I'm trying to get to the mall. 我想去购物商城。
Do you know where I can find a shoe store? 请问鞋店在哪?
This way. 这边走(也可以表示礼让的时候这边请)
How much is it? 这个多少钱?
Can you do any better? 你能给个更好的价钱么?
How about ten dollars? / Would you take ten dollars? 十块钱怎么样?
If I took two, would you give me a discount? 我要是买两件的话,你能给打个折么? Do you have this shirt in a small? 这件衬衫有小号的么?(省略了size
Can you break this bill for me, please? 请问能帮我换成零钱么?
Two fives and a ten please. 两个五块和一个十块。
Where can I pay? 在哪交钱。
Here you are. 给你。
Could I ask you a question? 我能问你一个问题么?  (party上不熟的人之间对话)
Do you have a moment/minute? 你现在有空么?
Do you have any siblings? 你有兄弟姐妹么? [ˈsɪblɪŋ] Do you have any brothers or sisters? 你有兄弟姐妹么?
I'm an only child. 我是独生子女
How old is your kid/child? 你的孩子多大了?
How are the kids? 孩子们怎样?
They grow so fast ! 他们长的真快啊。
How's the family? 家人们还好么?
Long time, no see! 好久不见(中式表达方式)
What's new? 生活有什么变化么?(好久不见)
Are you still working at the bank? 你还在银行上班么?
It's a nice day! 今天天气真不错。 (陌生人之间的万能开头语)
I like your dress 我喜欢你的裙子 (面对夸奖,礼貌回应 Thank you)
Your daughter is so beautiful! 你的女儿真漂亮! Your baby is so cute !! 你的宝宝真可爱 (婴儿一般用cute,比lovely好)
What's your baby's name? 你的宝宝叫什么名字?
Your garden's so beautiful! 你的花园真好看。
What would you like for dinner? 晚餐你想吃些什么? Dumplings 饺子 Sounds great ! 听起来真不错! My treat. 我请客。
Help yourself. 不要客气,请随意
After you. 您先请。(一般乘坐电梯或是礼让的时候)
I look forward to seeing you again. 希望再次见到你 / 期待与你的再次会面。 (用seeing 是为了搭配 look forward。 回答的时候可以直接用:Me too.)
Are you ok? 你没事吧? I feel sick. / I am sick. 我感觉不舒服 / 我病了 (前一种表示主观的感受,后一种表示已经确定自己病了)。
What should I do? 我该怎么办?
Do you want to go to the hospital ? 你要不要去医院呢?
Are you hurt ? 你受伤了么? (hurt 不只可以指生理方面,也可以指心理方面Do you feel hurt ? , I feel hurt.)
Don't worry. 不要担心。 Calm down. 冷静点。
I see! 我明白了! (别人说了一些是事情,你突然明白了)
I didn't mean it . (不小心伤害了别人)我不是故意的。
Never mind. 不要紧的,没关系的。

Good morning/afternoon/evening.
Good night 晚安
bus stop/station
Have a nice day./ Have a good one. 店员给你说的
回复Thank. You too.
What time is it? / Do you have the time? 几点了
What day is it? It’s Monday.  今天是星期几?
What’s the date today?It’s November twentieth. 今天是几号?
I don’t feel well. I don’t feel good.  我感到不舒服
I don’t feel comfortable. 坐在椅子上不舒服/不愿意分享因素,人多,不适应
Pardon. /Could you say that again please?  你能重复一遍吗?
What did you say? 你说啥?(不适很礼貌)
I’m running late. I’ll be about ten minutes late. 我要迟到了
Sorry about that.
It’s OK. 没关系
It’s OK. (电影、菜)一般般,不是特别好
It’s very kind of you.  你太好了
How are you?/ How’s it going?   你好吗?
Great. Everything is going great. 我很好,一切都很好
What’s up? 你好吗?(俚语化)
Not much. 没有什么变化
Same old same old.  老样子
What happened to you?  你怎么了呢?
I’m in a hurry. 我在赶时间
I missed my bus. 我错过了公共汽车
Too bad. 太糟糕了
Take it easy. It’s alright.  不要紧张,没事的
How was the movie? (注意时态,was)
It was OK.  (注意时态,was)
Here comes the bus.  公共汽车来了
It’s too crowed.  太挤了
Let’s forget about it. 算了吧
Let’s get a taxi. 我们叫辆车吧
Should I call a taxi, or should we hail a taxi? 打电话还是招收叫车?
I’m going to 123 Marine drive.
Watch out! Be careful! 小心(不要被车撞到)
Be careful!  (注意小偷)小心,这个时候不能用watch out

wait for me ! 等等我
hurry up /come on 快点
be quiet 请安静
It's your turn. 轮到你了 take turns 轮流
Are you ready to order? I'm ready. 准备好点餐了吗?
Have a sit/ please sit down  请坐下
follow me, right this way  跟我来
I'm on a diet. Me too. 我在节食;我也是
What do you think ? I agree/diagree/I don't think so. (婉转一点)
I'm leaving 我要走了
It was great to see you. 非常高兴认识你(道别的时候)
It's great to see you. 非常高兴认识你(刚见,时态变了)
I have to get up early tomorrow morning. 我明天要早起
That's too bad. What a pity!   太可惜了
I'm used to that 我已经习惯了
Would you like to come to dinner tomorrow night ? 明天到我家来吃晚餐好吗?
Sorry, I have to work tomorrow night.  我明天要工作
Are you sure?  你确定吗?
Not really.  不确定(省略sure)
I'll missed you. 我会想你的
Have you decided whether you're coming or not ? 你决定好了要来吗?
Not yet.  还不行(表示还没有发生,还没有确认)
Hold on! 请等一下
Show me. 给我看看
Take care! 保重(离别)
You can count on me. 有我呢
Don't count on me. 不要指望我
You ran through a red light. 你闯红灯了
You were speeding. 你超速了
Could you slow down please ?  你可以开慢一点吗?(正在开得很快)
Could you slow down please ? 你可以说慢一点吗?
Drive slower.  警察说的(已经超速完毕)
It's not worth it. 太不值了
Could you give me a minute please ? 请等一下
I'll be back in a moment. 我马上回来
What's your name ? I'm Mike (不说My name is Mike,这样不够亲切)
Nice to meet you.
He is so funny. 他很幽默(humorous太正规)
He is busy. 他很忙
Can I leave a message ? 我能留下口信吗?
Thanks for coming over.  谢谢你到我家来(主人说的)
———Thanks for having me. 谢谢你的款待!(客人说的)

What time do you get up?   你早上几点起床
I set my alarm for 5.a.m.  /  My alarm goes off at 5.a.m. 我把闹钟设为早上五点
Turn off your alarm!  把你的闹钟关了
Can you wake me up tomorrow at 5.a.m. please?   请在早上五点钟把我叫醒吗?
I don’t want to oversleep. 我不想睡过头
I want to sleep in tomorrow.  我明天早晨想睡个懒觉
Why do you get up so early?  你为什早上起那么早
I have to go to work early.  (earlier) 我必须早起去工作
I get out of bed. 我起床
I make my bed. 我整理床
Then, I use the bathroom. 我用厕所
Take a pee(I have to go number one).小便
Take a poo(I have to go number two). 大便
I take a shower. 我洗澡
Then, I take a bath. 我泡澡(浪费水)
I brush my teeth. 我刷牙
I brush my hair.  /  I comb my hair. 我梳头 [kəʊm] Kent Handmade Pocket Comb with Coarse & Fine Teeth
I shave. 我刮脸(男的说的,不用说shave my face)女士一般说I shave my legs.
Is anyone in there? 厕所里面有人吗?(问厕所)
Is anyone in the bathroom? 厕所里面有人吗?(问外面的人)
Could you please hurry up?  I need to go!  请快点,我要用厕所
Who is in the bathroom?  谁在厕所里面?(问厕所)
Oh, She takes forever! 她每次进去就没完没了
I blow-dry my hair. 我吹干我的头发
I’ll do my make up. 我要化妆
She’s wearing makeup. 她化了妆
I make my coffee./  I make my tea. 我给自己沏茶/煮咖啡
I make my breakfast myself.    I go out for breakfast. 我给自己做早饭/出去吃早餐
I get dressed. 我穿好衣服
I put on my pants / boots. 我穿上我的裤子/鞋子
I tie my shoelaces. 我系上鞋带
Your shoelaces are undone. 你的鞋带开了
Put on your gloves. 戴上手套
Take off your shoes.    脱下鞋子
Take off your gloves.   脱下手套
I wear glasses.  我戴眼镜
I’m wearing a hat. 我戴帽子
I leave for work. 我现在要离开去上班
I drive to work.  我开车去上班
I take public transit. 我乘坐公共交通工具[ˈtrænzɪt] I take a(the) bus to work. 我坐公汽上班
I get to work a little bit early. 我一般上班早到一会儿
I parked my car in a parking lot. 我把我的车停在停车场
Basketball court. 篮球场
Golf course. 高尔夫球场
Ski resort. 滑雪场 (同时意味着是旅游景区,度假)
Ski fields 滑雪场
Soccer pitch  /  Soccer field  足球场

Do you cook dinner every night?  你每天都自己做晚饭吗 ?
I am a cook.  我是个厨师
Dinner is ready. 开饭了
Could you set the table please? 你可以把桌子摆好吗?
Where do you keep the plate? 你的盘子放在那里了?
Can I help?  我能帮点什么忙吗 ?
Is there something I can do? 我能做点什么吗 ?
Excuse my reach. 对不起,打扰了(夹个菜,挡住别人)
Could you pass me the salt, please?   你能把烟递过来吗?
You should try this. 你可以试试这个菜
It is really delicious. 真的很好吃
It is so yummy.     yummy是轻松语调,像个小孩子
Could I have some hot water, please?  我能来点热水吗?
I’ll clean the table. 我来收拾桌子
I’ll wash/do the dish. 我来洗碗
Do you help with the housework in your home?  你在家里会帮忙做家务吗?
I take out the garbage. 我倒垃圾(垃圾是装在袋子里,放到外面)
I vacuum the floors.  我给地吸尘
I sweep the floors. 我扫地
I do the yard work. 我清理院子
I do the laundry.  我洗衣服
I do the grocery shopping. 我做日常购物
I have this coupon.  我有这个优惠券
I go furniture shopping. 我出去买家具
Your room is a mess. go clean your room. 你的房价太乱了,把你的房间清理干净
what’s wrong? (丢了东西,很着急)你怎么了?
Do you need a hand? 你需要帮忙吗 ?
Where are you going? 你们要去哪里呀 (周末)
we haven’t decided yet.  我们还没定下来呢
why are you so happy?  你为什么这么开心呢?
I just bought a new house.  我刚买了个house
Congratulations. 恭喜你 (congrats!,简略)
Tell me about your new house. 你的新房子怎么样啊?
It’s very spacious. 房子很大
where is it? 房子在哪里
It’s near the train station. 靠近火车站
I can give you a ride.  你可以搭我的车
it’s not out of my way. 我不用绕道(顺路)
No, thanks. 不用了,谢谢
I have to work overtime today. 我今天要加班
I just got a raise. 我刚涨了工资
Congratulation! 恭喜
I’m off on Mondays and Tuesdays. 我周一和周二休息(复数形式,每个周)
I was fired. 我被解雇了
I was laid off.  我下岗了 (雇主缩减机构,不是雇员的问题)
I resigned. 我辞职了 (主动)
I quit. 我不干了 (主动)
I hope to get off early. 我想早退
I’m on vacation. 我在休假

Did you go to the party last night?
Did you have a good time?  你昨天晚上玩的开心吗?
What time did you leave the party? (I don’t know. I was having a really good time. I think I drink too much.)  你几点离开party?
I left about ten o’clock.  我大约10点钟离开
Who did you go with?  你和谁一起去的?
I went with my cousin Susan. 我和我表姐Susan一起去的
Does she live here?  她也住在这里的
No, she is from London. 不,她从伦敦来的
How old is she?  她多大
She is thirty years old.  她30岁
Is she married? 她结婚了吗
Yes, she is.  对,她结婚了
She got married about 5 years ago.   她5年前结婚的
Does she have any kids?  她有孩子吗?
She has a three-year-old son.  她有个3岁的儿子
Who’s that lady in pink?  那个穿粉色衣服的是谁啊?
That’s Susan.  那是Susan (用THAT, 不是she)
Can you introduce me to her?  你能把我介绍给她吗?
Sure. 当然
Mike, this is Susan. Susan, this is Mike.    用“this”
I like your pink dress.  我喜欢你的粉色裙子
I like your curly hair. 我喜欢你的卷发
So, Susan, what do you do for work.  你是做什么工作的呀?
I am a nurse.  我是个护士
How long have you been doing that? 你做这个工作多久了?
Seven years.  七年了
We should get together for a coffee sometime.  我们应该什么时候找个时间一起喝杯咖啡
Sounds good. 听起来不错
What do you like to do in your spare time?  你业余时间做什么呢?
I like to go hiking. 我喜欢远行
Do you have any plans this Sunday?  这周日你有什么计划吗?
Yes, I’m going hiking up Mount Baker. 对,我去爬Baker山
Would you like to join me?  你想加入我们吗?
I’d love to.   我很想去
What time do you want to meet?   我们几点见?
How about nine A.M.  早上9点
Sounds good. 听起来不错
Where do you live? 你住哪里?
I can pick you up.  我开车可以接你
After, I can drop you off.  完事之后,我可以把你送回去
That’s very kind of you. 你真是太好了
Can I bring a friend of mine?  我可以带一个朋友一起去吗?
Of course. The more the merrier.  没问题,人越多越好
It’s a pretty intense hike.  登山的强度挺大的
I hope she can keep up. 我希望她能跟得上
I’ll check with her and I’ll let you know later. 我会和她确认一下,然后告诉你
I’ll keep you updated. 如果有什么变化,我会及时告诉你的
I’m sorry, my friend backed off. 不好意思,我的朋友退缩了(不想去了)
No worries. 没有关系
Do you have extra room in your car? 车里面还有多余的座位可以坐人吗(room是空间的意思)
Sorry, my car is full. 不好意思,我的车满了
My car is in the shop. 我的车在修理 (shop 指修车厂)
Someone rear-ended me. 有人追尾了我的车 [ˌrɪər ˈendɪd] I’m sorry to hear that. 很抱歉听到这个消息
I hope you are OK. 希望你没事
Nobody got hurt. 没人受伤
My insurance will cover the damage to my car. 我的保险会补偿的

What brings you here today?什么风把你吹来了?/你到这里干什么(医生问的)
What’s the matter? (医生问)你怎么了?
My knees hurt.  我的膝盖疼 (hurt是感到疼)
My knees are in pain. 我的膝盖疼(不能用painful)
It’s painful to watch that.
How long has it been? 疼了多久了
About/Roughly three weeks. 大约三个星期
You should’ve come earlier. 你应该早点来
It didn’t bother me much before. 之前疼的不是很厉害,没有那么不舒服(用过去时)
Have a seat. 坐下
Let me examine it. 让我检查一下
It’s nothing serious. 不是很严重
Are you serious?  你认真的吗?
I’m serious. 我是认真的(不是开玩笑)
Why are you so serious? 你怎么这么严肃(放不开)?
Try these exercises. 试着做这些运动
Exercise every day. 每天运动
I mean it. 强调一天不落(every day是很严肃认真的)
I didn’t mean it. 我不是那个意思 (嘴上那么说,是气话)
Could you refer me to a specialist? 可以把我介绍给专科医生吗?(refer也是介绍,但是这里,你必须通过全科医生介绍给专科医生,你不能直接去见专科医生)
You don’t need one. 你不用去见专科医生
You’ll be fine. 你会好的,没事的,不用担心(作业没做完,担心老师罚我;用这句话安慰)
It’s just a matter of time.  只是时间早晚的问题
It's just a matter of money. 能不能出国留学,只是钱的问题(学习成绩没问题)
I recommend you see a physiotherapist. 我建议你去见一个物理治疗师
I feel he did a good job. 这个物理治疗师做的很棒
He said I have a very good/positive attitude. 他说我的治疗态度很积极(很配合治疗)
He has an attitude. 他态度很消极(不用negative)
Don’t give me attitude. 不要给我甩脸色/态度消极
I recovered very fast. 我恢复很快
I thanked him for everything. 我感谢他所作的一切
Is the tax included in the price? 你这个价钱含税吗?
It’s eighty dollars plus tax. 收了80刀,还要额外交税
Do you want a receipt? 你要收据吗?(p不发音)
How do you like your doctor? 你的医生怎么样啊?
He’s always on time. 我的医生总是很准时(大多数晚点)
I can’t believe it. 真是不可置信(很稀奇,有点吃惊)
He’s always in a rush. 我的医生总是匆匆忙忙(rush是匆匆忙忙赶时间;busy是很多事情要做)
What’s the rush? 忙什么呢?(怎么这么匆忙)
I wouldn’t recommend him. 我不建议你用我的医生(注意recommend和refer的区别)

Where are you going?  你要去哪儿呢?
To see my sister downtown. 去看我的姐姐(在市中心)
when did she move here? 她什么时候搬到市中心的?
10 years ago. 10年前
She lives in an apartment downtown. 她住在市中心公寓
It's almost 5 o'clock. 现在马上就要5点
There will be a lot of traffic now.  现在路上车很多(traffic表示交通量)
We take the subway. 我们坐地铁去
It only takes 20 minutes. 二十分钟就到了
It can get really crowded. 里面可能很拥挤
I'm used to that.   我已经习惯了
be used to doing 过去常常做某事
I am used to driving. 我过去驾车(过去)
Apartments used to be a lot cheaper 10 years ago. 10年前的公寓可便宜多了
I know what you mean. 我明白你的意思=我同意你的说法。
You can hardly find anything. 基本上找不少什么(公寓)
I can hardly walk.  我几乎不能走路
Next time you're free, give me a call. 下次你有时间,给我个电话
We can go have a coffee some time. 我们可以坐一坐喝个咖啡
What are you doing tomorrow? 你明天要干什么呢?
Nothing special. 明天没啥特别的
Why do you ask? 你为啥要问我?(是不是有什么事情)
Do you want to go shopping with me? 你想和我一起逛街吗?
I'd love to.  我当然想啊
But I'm not sure if I can. 但是我不确定能不能去(可能有其他事情)
I should know if I can go or not by 8 pm tonight. 到今晚8点我就可以直达能不能和你一起去了
Is it ok if I call you then? 我到时候和你打电话好吗?
Yes, that's fine. 当然可以 (用fine回答更好)
What's your number? 你的电话是多少?(number就是电话好吗)
I will call you soon. 我等会儿打你电话
I have been really busy lately. 我最近都很忙
Why don't we go on Saturday instead? 要不然咱们换成星期六去?
Sat. is no/ not good.  星期六不好 (no good更casual)
The stores will be very crowded. 商店会很拥挤(北美更多使用store,英国用shop)
Let's try to go tomorrow. 我们尽量明天去
Are you there yet? 你现在到了吗?
I am almost there. 我马上就要到了
I just got off the subway. 我刚刚下地铁
I am inside. 我已经在里面
I am sorry.  I am late. 抱歉,我迟到了
No problem. 没有关系

They overcharged me! 他们多收了我的钱
Can you double check the bill please? 你能再看一下账单?(问收银员)
I was a bit upset. 我有点不高兴
This has happened to me before. 这件事情以前也在我身上发生过
They apologized to me. 他们向我道了歉
I am so sorry about that(being late). 我们对此非常抱歉
I forgave them. 我原谅他们了
I could put one on order for you. 我可以给你另外订一件(没有那个尺寸,从别地调运)
Never mind. 别麻烦了 No thanks.
Never mind, I'll do it myself. 没啥,我自己做(别人让我关灯,我半天没听懂;有点怨气)
Do you want to get sth to eat later? 咱们过一会儿要不要吃点东西(在逛街)
No, I'm still full from dinner. 不用了,我晚上吃的现在还是饱的
Which store can I buy that at? 我可以在哪个店买呢?(叫store,不是shop)
I don't know for sure. 我也不确定(for sure 常用短句,表示确定)
Let's talk about when you get here. 等你过来我们再讨论这个事吧
I can't find my wallet. 我找不到我的钱包了
I'll help you find it. 我来帮你找
Did you look in your purse?  你在你的包里找了吗?(purse特指女士背的包)
I've already looked in there.  我已经找过了
Will you take a picture of me? Sure. 请给我照个照片吗?当然可以
That's a really nice camera. 你的照相机真不错 (不要用camera当主语)
Move a little bit closer.  离镜头近一点
Move a little bit to the left. 往左边挪一点
Move back a little further. 再往后面退一点
Stay right there. 就站在那儿,别动(right表示就是在那儿,不前不后)
I can't get it to work. 我搞了半天,照不出来
Ok, I got it. 我懂了(怎么用了,用got,过去式,说之前已经懂了)
What happened?  发生什么了 ?
I dropped the camera. 我把照相机掉到地上了
No way!  不可能的(不相信的)
Is it broken? 摔坏了吗?(TV is broken 电视机坏了)
The button came off. 按钮坏了(更准确的说是掉了,come off)
I can fix it. 我可以修好
Can you fix my son? 你可以修理一下我的儿子吗?(儿子不听话,大家逃学)
I don't think anyone can fix your son. 我不觉得有人可以修理你的儿子
I think I should go home. 我觉得我该回家了(太晚了)
I'm all tuckered out. 我累坏了 (也可以说tired)
I was up late last night. 我昨天晚上睡得很晚(熬夜)。(up表示醒着的,wake up)
It's been a really long day. 今天是个很不容易的一天 (很busy,很累,不只是意味着起得早,睡得晚)

What happened to your hair ? 你的头发怎么了?(一般不问头发,这里是开玩笑)
I got a haircut. 我剪头了
What happened ?   怎么了?(我的小孩哭着跑进来)
What do you think of my new haircut ? 你觉得我的新发型怎么样?
How do you like it ? 你喜欢吗 (这个发型)?
It suits you. 这个头型很适合你 suits也是西装
Suit yourself. 你自己觉得怎么好怎么来 (沙拉放什么)
What makes you say that ? 你为什么会这样说呢?
Where were we ? 我们在那儿?(说到哪儿,我忘了)
I lost my train of thought. 我脑子里现在想不起来的,思路不知道跑到哪里去了
What's the matter with you ? 你怎么了?(更加specific);我没怎么呀
There is nothing wrong with me. 我啥也没事
What's the matter ? 怎么了?(泛指,计算机坏了)
Calm down 镇静一下
Is everything OK ?  你没事吧?(情绪不太好)
What do you mean ?  你是什么意思?(我都挺好啊)
I enjoyed it very much. 我很享受这种谈话
I couldn't help it.  我忍不住(笑出来了)
I can't help laughing. 我忍不住笑出来了
I feel the same way. 我也有同感
I know the feeling. 我知道那种感觉
I thought so too. 我也是这么想的
I couldn't agree more. 我完全赞同
We have a lot in common. 我们有很多相似的
What's on your mind ? 你现在脑子里想的是什么?(on your mind 含有worry connotation也就是隐含担忧某件事或者某个人的意思;in your mind就是很平淡的)
How do I look? 我看起来怎么样啊?
You look fantastic. 你看起啦很好
Can I have a word with you ? 能和你说两句话吗?(办公室,家里,想和别人单独聊一件事)
Absolutely. /Definitely / Of course 当然可以
Just out of curiosity. 我只是出于好奇(没有像冒犯你,或者窥探你隐私的意思)
Why did you cut your hair ? 你为啥剪头发
It's a long story. 说起来话长了
To make a long story short. It's about time. 简而言之,就是是时候了
It was long overdue. 早就该做了。(overdue过期了)
Will you grow your hair long again ? 你会再养长头发吗 ?
It's hard to say. 很难说
I'm not sure. 我怕不确定
It's out out of the question. 不可能的(再用不会留长发了)
No problem! 没问题;不麻烦(你能帮忙吗?;没问题)

Have we met? 我们在哪儿见过吗(看着眼熟)
You must be Purr. 你一定是Purr吧
I am very happy to finally to meet you. 我非常高兴最终终于见到你了
I am glad to meet you. 我很高兴见到你
I am delighted to meet you.  我很高兴见到你(比happy更高兴)
Can you do me a favor? 你能给我帮个忙吗?
I need a favor. 我需要帮忙(不是很礼貌)
What can I do for you? 我能给你帮什么呢?
I've got my hands full at this moment. 我现在手头很忙
It won't take too much time. 不会占用你很多时间的
I'll have to see about that. 让我想想吧
I'll see. 让我想想
I see. 我明白了,我领悟了
I'll think it over. 我得好好想想
What's it all about? 是要帮什么忙 ?
What's going on? 发生了什么事情?
I made a mistake. 我犯了个错
It's my fault. 是我的错 (fault强调责任,过错)
It's not a big deal. 没什么大不了的
No Biggie. 没什么大不了
You've got a deal. 成交了(讨价还价之后)
You got a good deal. 划算 (还价还的很好,卖家说)
We can work it out. 我们可以把它解决好
Do you work out often? 你经常运动么?
You can count on me. 放心吧 有我。I won't let you down. 我不会让你失望的。(我可以帮你的)
I won‘t disappoint you.  对孩子有期望,两个失望不一样
I promise. 我保证
I swear. 我发誓
You can trust me. 相信人
Believe me. 相信观点
I am trying to help you. 我会尽你帮助你
I will do my best. 我会尽我最大努力
Let's talk about it.  来,咱们说说这件事情
There is nothing I can do. 我帮不上忙/我无能为力
I have nothing to do with it. 与我无关
I’ll take care of it. 这件事情我会解决的
take care of 1.解决 2. 照顾 take care of my son
I don't know how to do it. 我不知道怎么办
I am working on it. 我正在想办法怎么做
Are you done with that? 餐厅里服务员: 你吃完了么?
I am still working on it. 我还没有吃完
Are you up to this? 做某件事情 不知道别人行不行的时候,你可以么? 你行么?
I am with you. 我和你在一起(会支持你)。
It doesn't work. 形容某个东西不好使了,坏了
It won't work. 行不通(计划,想法)

What’s up?  (很熟的人,不拘束得打招呼)
I’m feeling a bit under the weather. 我有点不舒服(俗语)
I’m not feeling well. 我不太舒服
I’m not in good shape. 总体不太舒服
She’s in good shape. 她身体好
True story.
I wish I could be like her. 我希望能像她那样(身体好)(愿望)
I hope I could be like her.  我真的想能像她那样(身体好)(切实的,往那边努力)
I have trouble walking. 我走路有困难
I just got discharged from the hospital. 我刚刚出院
He was admitted to hospital. 他住院了
I’m sorry to hear that. 很遗憾听到这个消息
Give my best to your family.(best wishes,wishes被省略) (你们全家问好
I’ll stop by sometime. 我有时会过来看看的
She comes to see me sometimes. 她是不是来看我
I have some time. 我有一些时间
I’ll be right with you. 我马上就到 (right 副词,表示强调)
He’s the right one for you. 他是对的人(正好适合你)
Right on! 就是这样,对极了(表示同意)
Thank you for listening.  谢谢你的倾听 (别人听我们诉苦;父母让小孩不要乱跑,小孩子听话)
I’d like to give a hand. 我想帮帮你
You need to get some rest. 你应该休息一会儿
You should get some sleep. 你应该睡一会儿
It will do you some good. 这对你有好处 (do sb. good 对谁有好处)
I’ll leave you alone. 不打搅你了
Please leave me alone. (我现在很心烦,我想一个人安静安静,这里表示请求)
Leave me alone please.  让我静一静(please放在句子的后面,是一种更客气的表示)
I want you to stay. 我想你留下来
That doesn’t make any sense. 那说不通,不可思议 (make sense 说一套,做一套)
Make you self at home. 就跟家里一样
How long will you be staying?你会在这里待多久呀?
For an hour or so. 大约一个小时 (or so 表示大概)
Do you mind if I leave earlier ? 我早走一会儿你会介意吗
Do you mind my leaving earlier? 我早走一会儿你会介意吗
I understand completely. 我完全理解
I was just about to apologize. 我正想和你道歉呢(说之前,所以用was)
Don’t feel bad about it. 别在意(别往心里去)
Thanks for showing up. 谢谢你来
I’ll walk you to the door. 我把你送到门口去吧
I’ll show myself out. 不必了,我自己走啦
Thank you for everything. 太谢谢你给我们做的一切啦

The fire alarm went off. 火灾报警器响了(做饭的时候)
Is everything okay? 有什么情况吗?有没有什么问题?(邻居过来看)
I’ve got no idea. 我也不知道怎么回事儿(没做饭,报警器自己响了)
I can’t believe it. 我简直不敢相信(自己响了)
It won’t happen again. 保证以后不会发生(消防员白跑一趟);儿子把邻居家什么破坏了,家长赔礼
I assure you. 我再一起确认,让你放心
I promise.  我给你许诺,保证
Can you fix it? 你能给我修好吗?(报警器坏了)
I can give it a try. 我可以试试 (不是专家)
What if you can’t?  你万一不行怎么办?(修不好)
I can manage. 我可以尽力应付一下(manage表示在控制之类)
I can manage to walk. 我会尽力走过去 都有些吃力、勉强(腿脚有毛病,要不要轮椅啊?)
Don’t give up. 千万别放弃
Take a chance.  试一下(碰一下运气)
It’s a long shot. 机会不大 (long shot,三分球,几率小)
Don’t bother. 别麻烦了(嗨,修不好)
Forget it. 算了吧
I’m really good at fixing things. 我真的很擅长修理东西
Is that so? 真的是这样吗?(用so指代)
I want to show you something.  我给你看些东西
What about that one? 那个怎么样?
What about me? 那我呢?(发钱,没我的份)
How about me? 我怎么样  (让我试试)
You’re doing great. 你做的很棒
I’m well aware of that. 我很清楚这个(强调“意识到”)
I know that. 我知道
That sounds reasonable. 听起来有道理
That sounds awful. 听起来很糟糕
I’m doing the best that I can. 我在尽力
Prove it. 证明给我看
Don’t get me wrong. 不要误解我/误会我(不是我不想帮你,是在是没钱帮你)
I want to go. I just can’t afford it. 别误会
Can you make it? 你行吗?(能让这件事情发生吗)
Just too be on the safe side. 为了安全起见
I don’t want to touch my savings. 我不想动用存款
I’ll regret it later. 我以后会后悔的(regret it)
It’s up in the air. 还定不下来(悬而未解)
It’s up to you. 由你来决定
What’s it like there?  去那儿旅游的地方是什么样子的呢?
What do you recommend? 你对我有啥建议呢?
Let me get back to you. 我想想再告诉你(get back 回馈反馈) ;我过一会儿打过去(打电话)
How can I get in touch with you. 怎么和你联系
I’ll be out of town for a while. 我会出门一阵子
That’s too bad. 太不巧了(不是我想要的)(不能参加聚餐)
I’m heading to the north. 我去北方

Would you like to have something to eat? 你想吃些什么东西吗?
I’d like to treat you to lunch today. 今天我想请你吃午饭
Let’s go for lunch. 我们一起去吃午饭吧
My treat. 我请客
There’s a new vegetarian restaurant that just opened. 附近最近开了个素食餐厅
I’d like to check it out. 去瞧瞧(看看这个菜馆怎么样)
Check in. (酒店)入住登记
We checked into the hotel yesterday. 登记入住
Today, we will check out. 我们今天会结账离开
Are you a vegetarian? 你是一个素食主义者吗?
Not really. 不是
Deer are herbivores. 鹿是食动物
Wolves are carnivores. 狼是肉食动物
Pigs are omnivores. 猪是杂食动物
What do you want to eat? 你想吃点什么呢?
I’m not that hungry. 我现在不太饿(不用表达现在,用that表示了)
Maybe later. 等会儿吧
How often do you eat out? 你多久出去吃一次?
About once every two weeks. 大约每两周出去吃一次
I bring my lunch to work. 我带午餐去上班
I cook it ahead of time. 提前把饭做好
How late are they open?  那个参观最晚开到什么时间?
Actually, they are closed. 他们今天关门了
There’s no school today. 学校今天不上课
Why are they closed today? 今天为啥关门呢?
I have no idea. 不知道(我也在困惑)
I have an idea. 我有个主意(想法)
Let’s try the Indian restaurant.  我们试一下那个印度餐馆
I’m not that into the Indian food. 我对印度餐不是那么感兴趣
He’s just not that into you.  他不是那么对你感兴趣 (回短信不积极)
I feel like eating now. 想吃了
Dinner’s ready. 晚饭已经准备好了,开饭了
Are you finished yet?  你写完了吗?(要开饭,小朋友还在写作业)
I’m almost there. 快了,差不多了(快做完了)
Turn off/on the TV/computer please. 开关 (要吃饭了)
Turn up/down the volume. 调大调小

We’re back in business. 让我们接着干(刚才接电话去了)
I bet.我肯定 (卖哪些衬衫肯定赚了很多钱)
You bet.你说对了(你说这个餐馆很好吃)
You betcha. 你算说对了(你要来聚会吧?)
Place your bets.放赌注
Roll up your sleeves.撸起袖子干
Hold on.等等
Hold on to me.抓住我 (坐车车在摇晃)
Go ahead. 可以继续了(休息好了);行,自己去吧(冰箱有啤酒,我可以喝一个吗?,熟人间)
How are you doing? 进展如何(你现在正在的工作咋样);向别人问好(类似How are you )
So far, so good.目前还好(工作)
Do you need a break? 你要不要休息一下
We’re getting really close.我们快完成了(接近尾声)
It’s hard to get close to him.他很难接近
I’ll check it one more time. 我在检查一遍
I’ll double check it.再检查一遍
Give me a call when you have a chance.有时间(方便)回个电话
Please speak one at a time.一个一个说 (很多人都想和我说话)
One more thing.还有一件事 (已经交代了很多事情)
In the meantime.同时
He’s so mean.他很差劲(不善良)
Something must be done about it.这事儿一定得解决一下
What would we do about it? 那我们能做什么呢?
Look at that. 看看那个
You’ve got to have a look at this. 你一定得看看这个
I’ve seen it. 我看已经看见了
What’s the deal with Paul?那个Paul是怎么回事,来干嘛的(开party,不知道paul为啥来了,谁带他来的)
That’s a deal breaker.   A和B约会,但是A发现B和C纠缠,那A说我们关系结束了(that把我们关系弄没了)
No big deal.  没什么大不了的
No biggie.没什么大不了的
You have to figure it out. 你必须把这个搞清楚
Don’t hold your breath.别指望了 (老板会给我涨工资吗?;嘿,别指望了)
Hold the elevator.别关门 (电梯门别关(我要进来))
You made it!嘿,你做成了(某件事)
So soon?这么快 ?
That’s all? Anything else?完了?还有吗?
Are you done?做完了吗 ?(做工作,做作业,餐馆吃饭)
We gave it a shot.我们试过了
It’s a race against time. 这是跟时间赛跑
It’s a one in a lifetime chance.这是一生只有一次的机会
You made my day.你今天真让我高兴(让我今天过得太棒了)
That would buy me some time.那会给我创造出更多的时间来 (项目调整,要更多时间)
Take your time.别着急,慢慢来

Are you still there ? 你还在吗?(打电话)
I got cut off. 刚才断线了
Can I speak to Jason ? 请问Jason在吗
He is in a conference. 他正在开会(conference是meeting的一种,强调更加学术和专业的会议)
He's in a meeeting. 他在开会
It's urgent. 我有急事找他
He's in the middle of an emergency meeting. 他正在开紧急会议
When I was in the middle of cooking,  在我正在做饭的时候
We will meet somewhere in the middle ? 我们能把相互的意见折中一下吗?
Damn it. 真糟糕(eg找东西半天找不到)
We've never done this before. 我们以前从没这样做过
Can you make an exception ? 你能破个例吗?
Why can't you do that ? 你为什么不能呢?(破例)
I don't take no for an answer. 你回答No我是不会接受的(非常执着)
We are not supposed to do that. 我们不应该那样做
You were supposed to be here yesterday. 你昨天就应该来。(但是昨天没来)
Can I take a message ? / Do you want to leave a message ? 你想留个口信吗?
No, that's OK. 省略了“我不想留口信”
It's a waste of time. 纯粹是浪费时间
You never know. 这很难讲 (可能有用)
If you change your mind 如果你改注意了
I'm out of time. 我没时间了 (已经没时间)
I'm running out of time. 我没时间(时间很紧,快用完了)
I'm in real trouble. 我遇上倒霉事儿了
I have to go now. 我现在得走了
Can you speak louder please ? 你能大点声吗?(打电话)
Where will you go ? 你要去哪儿呀?
I'd like to go home. 我要回家
I have nowhere to go. 我没有地方可以去
Are you scared ? 你害怕了吗?
Stay cool. 镇定一下
Chill out. 等于relax,镇定,放松一点
Do you want to talk with my supervisor ? 你想和我上级说一下嘛?(打电话)
I ended up talking to his supervisor. 我最终和Jason的上司通了电话
I was born in Beijing. 我在北京出生
I grew up in Shanghai. 我在上海长大
I ended up living in  Vancouver. 最后,我定居在温哥华
He's ready for you. 上司来了
I need Jason to be home soon. 我需要Jason马上回家
You got it. 成了,行(你想让他尽快回家,他就会尽快回家)
Got it. 知道了,明白了,会的(三点钟聚会)
It's good to hear it. 听到这个消息太高兴了
I almost lost it. 我差点发火了 (it 指脾气)

I think   coffee wakes me up more than tea
I feel
It's my opinion
As I see it
I consider
I believe  everyone deserves a chance
If I'm not mistaken,  you need a driving license to 如果我没说错的话 (很强的事实)
In my experience,  driving is stressful
To me, driving is stressful.
I would say driving is stressful.
In my way of thingk, driving is stressful.  我是这样想的
As far as I'm concerned,
The way I see it,  Canada is a good place to live.
It seems to me Canada is a good place to live. (个人观点,其他人的感受可能不一样)

I'm not sure, but xxx
I have no idea
I assume xxx (猜测,推测,说得很谦虚,强调是个人推测)
I don't know

renovate-decorate  翻修-装饰
ticklish-itchy      胳肢窝痒痒-蚊子痒
gate-door          栅栏门/大铁门- 每个房间的门
station-stop       (有建筑物的)station,地铁站,公共汽车总站----没有建筑物,公共汽车停靠站
purse-handbag  女士的包
wage-salary    wage是按照时间算的,比如在麦当劳劳动-正式聘任的工资是salary,按年来算,有责任的
day-date    what day is it today.  hump day (周三)/ what's the date today?
mad-crazy     生气得像发疯-疯狂      Are you mad at me ? 你对我很生气吗?crazy是真的可能有问题,精神上的难以理解
borrow-lend     borrow 是向别人借钱,lend是把自己钱借给别人

1.How come? 带有情绪的为什么
2. Don't get me wrong. 不要误会。
Don't get me wrong. I'd like to meet a beautiful girl one day, but I don't want like people always trying to hook me up with someone. 我不是不想谈恋爱,只是不想总让别人给我介绍
Who 's your hot friend ? Hook me up! 你那个火辣的朋友是谁?介绍给我!
3.I'd love to, but... 我想(接受你的建议。。。),但是(借口或理由)walk the dog 遛狗
4.To be pissed off/ piss sb off 生气;I was really pissed off.
5.Just a heads up! 提醒你一下啊 (接的不是很好的事情;你老板马上到;小朋友给差的成绩单给父母看)
6.(To cut a)long story short 长话短说  spilled coffee on my shirt
7.If I were you, 我要是你的话,后面的话相当于建议 (不是指导性的语气)
If I were you, I would break up with him right away. 如果我是你,我会马上和她分手
8.What do you mean? 你到底啥意思?(你背后暗含什么意思)
9.I’ll be in touch. 回头联系你.
10.To be honest... 老实说,(后面是我真实的想法,但是可能内容不是特别好)

1. angry       I was very angry that he was late again.
2. sullen(愠怒,含而不露) He is sullen all the time.
3. cranky (脾气很古怪,你惹他,他就会发火) The old man is very cranky. / I become cranky when I don't gey enough sleep.
4. annoy(烦人的)  The person next to me is so annoying. 在我旁边的那个人很烦人 I was not annoyed.
5. upset (把某人情绪搞得不好) I was very upset upon hearing the news. I'm very upset because my son lied to me.
6. agitate (强调引起人恼怒) They use red tapes to agitate bulls. He's very agitated right now. 他现在烦躁不安
7. feverish-fever  He is feverish. 他及其生气(fever是发烧的意思)
8. mad(本意是发狂发疯) He is so mad. 他气得发疯了(很生气)I'm mad as hell.
9.rage-tantrum   He is in a rage. 他现在极其愤怒(想要摔东西)He threw a tantrum. 他发脾气了(小孩发脾气,在地上打滚儿)
10. see red  Imaging my husband with another woman made me see red.
11. spit feathers (斗鸡)   I could spit feathers. 我很愤怒

让人混淆的15个英文多音字 你知道几个?
1. Farms produce produce.

说漏嘴 缘分 暗算 座位有人了 英语怎么说 Learn Practical Everyday English 学英语口语
It's fate that we ran into each other in London 我们在伦敦碰到是缘分啊
How can you backstab me ? 你怎么可以在背后暗算我(给我使坏)呢?
backstabbing 名词形式
There is something stuck in your teeth. 你牙缝里面有东西
I am stuck. 在一个处境里,不能进退(护照丢了)
Slap him in the face. (不能说slap his face)
Grab him by the arm. (不能说grab his arm)
Rent a theatre/pool / swim lane  租一个剧院/游泳池/泳道
Cut in line/ Jump the queue   插队
This seat is taken. 座位有人了
Excuse me, is this seat taken? 不好意思,这个座位有人吗?
Can you reserve a seat for me please ?你能给我占个座位好吗?
Can you reserve a table for two ? 你能给我预订一个两个坐的桌子吗?(餐馆预订)
I am very grateful for being able to live here. 我能住在这里非常感恩

显摆 秀恩爱 很娘 直肠子 没事找事 英语怎么说 Learn Practical Everyday English 学英语口语
He caught my eye. 我眼前一亮(被他吸引住了,eye约定俗称是单数)
We caught each other's eyes. 我们两个看对眼了
crossed eyes
Image result for crossed eyesshow off love pictures  秀恩爱
show off 显摆,闪耀
She bought that car just to show off. 她买那辆车只是为了炫耀
I want to show off my girlfriend. 我想在我朋友面前显摆我的女朋友(多漂亮,多好)
I'm a straight shooter. 我是个直肠子
look for trouble 找茬,故意找麻烦,没事找事儿
heartburn  烧心(胃)
effeminate [ɪˈfemɪnət] adj. 柔弱的;女人气的
He is teased for his effeminate voice. 他因为娘娘腔被取笑
You should never laugh at effeminate men. 你永远不应该嘲笑有点娘的男人

纠结 无奈 幸好 接地气 英语怎么说 Learn Everyday English 学英语口语
He is very down-to-earth. 他非常接地气,务实的
Luckily, we have a spare tire. 幸好,我有个备胎 [ˈtaɪə(r)] It's OK/alright.  Don't worry about it. 没事,别介意
There is nothing I can do about it. 很无奈
I have no choice but to run away. 我除了逃跑外别无选择
It's so annoying. 烦死了,真讨厌
leave me alone  别理我
I didn't do it on purpose.
I didn't do it deliberately. 我不是故意的
I'm still debating whether or not I should marry her. 我还是在纠结该不该和她结婚
He firmly stands by me. 他支持我
He is very supportive. 他非常支持我
I'm so embarrassed. 我感到很尴尬
This is so embarrassing.  这很尴尬

活该 作死 抠门 吃亏 英语怎么说 Learn Everyday English 学英语口语
You deserve it. 你活该/ 你值得有这些酬劳
she asks for it.  她自找的,作死
He is so cheap. 他真小气 generous 大方的
I get the short end of the stick. 我吃亏了
I am so glad to hear that. 那就好
My mother nags at me all the time. 我妈妈太啰嗦了
I got goosebumps. 我鸡皮疙瘩都起来了
It gives me goosebumps.  美国;英国是goose pimples pimple [ˈpɪmpl] n. 疙瘩;[医] 丘疹;面疱
crawl [krɔːl] 水平爬
go hiking in Mount Baker 去山里远行,在小径走路
climb Mount Everest  爬珠穆朗峰,(很专业装备)

走神儿 不忍心 旅途辛苦 老地方见 英语怎么说 Learn Everyday English 学英语口语
I drifted off for a  few seconds. 我走神了几秒(开小差)
I was daydreaming earlier. 我刚开小差
It's painful to leave her. 离开她太痛苦了,不忍心离开她
How was the trip/ flight ?


最让人混淆的动词 介词搭配
1. fix-fix up
fix my car (车坏了,完全不能开)
fix up my house (房子有一些细节的地方需要修理一下,但是总体没什么问题)
fixer-upper 需要修缮的房子
The election was fixed.  选举早就知道结果了
2. hit-hit on
I hit him in the arm. 我打到它的胳膊
hit on She was hitting on me and I was surprised and flattered. 她挑逗我,这既让我吃惊又感到荣幸。
3. bring-bring about
bring you a gift
bring about changes  暗含导致,使得什么发生的意思
4. shoot-shoot up
Don't shoot me!  不要对我开枪
shoot up 快速成长; 激增
Sales shot up by 9% last month. 上个月的销售猛增了9%。
5. hold-hold open- hold up
Hold the elevator. 别关门 (电梯门别关(我要进来))
Hurry up! You are holding up the line.  超市排队,前面有个结账的人总是东问西问,搞了很久
hold-up capacitor 保持电容
hold your horses 不要着急,耐心一点
6.kick-kick out
kick the door 踢门
kick him out.   他喝多了,被酒吧的保安轰出去了
7. let-let down
let me try. 让我试一下
let it down  把这个放下
let me down  你让我失望了
8. look -look out
look 看(让你开始注意了),(你今天迟到了)
look out 当心

1. 比如自己不知道某事的時候別人告知或提醒以後,一定要說: Thank you for your kindness. I DID not know that. 在這種情況下非常多的中國人說: ... I don't know.

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